Explore Pet Identity
Explore Pet Identity

What is Pet Identity?

Pet Identity is a platform that assists you to administer your pet information, contact and medical records (all together known as pet dossier) in a centralized system. These records can be used by a veterinarian during periodic check or by the pet care giver where needed. Each pet dossier is tagged with a unique identification code printed as a qr-code on a Pet Identity tag.

To ensure rapid and safe reunion in case the pet is lost, attach Pet Identity tag to the pet's collar and upon scanning it with the cam of a mobile device (phone or tablet), information about the pet, its owner's contact details are presented on the mobile device screen.

Pet Identity provides two mobile apps for maintaining the pet dossier namely, Pet-ID app and Pet Medic app. Both apps are available on the App Store for iOS based devices and on Google Play for Android based devices.

Pet-ID mobile app is used by the pet owner to manage the pet information, contact details among other records. Using the Pet-ID app, the pet owner can authorize the Pet Medic app used by veterinarians to access and maintain the pet medical and consults records. (Learn more)

Veterinarian and care gives can use our Pet Medic mobile app to access the pet dossier medical information and consults history details. Access to these information is only permitted after access is granted by the pet owner. (Learn more)

For pet owners who are willing to use the Pet Identity platform for rapid and safe reunion in case their pets are lost, Scanoosh mobile app has been developed for that purpose. Scanoosh is available on the App Store for iOS based devices and on Google Play for Android based devices. (Learn more)

How do I apply?

By signing up for an account using the Pet-ID app, a dossier for your pet is created. You can now fill your pet details, owner, veterinarian, insurance and care giver contact details together with the medical details, vaccinations and medication history of the pet. 

How do I activate my account?

Your account is activated by having a valid subscription assigned to it. The subscription code can be purchased / renewed online using Pet-ID app or through our petidentity.org portal. Currently and for a limited period, we are offering a 30-days complementary with no obligations subscription trial period upon signing up for a new account.

What are identification codes?

Identification codes are unique codes issued by our portal during signing up and are assigned to the pet dossier. These codes are displayed in a qr-code format and are used to present information about the pet, owner's and veterinarian details once the identification code is scanned using a qr-code reader app on a mobile phone or a tablet. 

How do I obtain an identification code and can I have more than one code?

Yes, indeed. Identification codes are as well available though our authorized resellers in two different Pet Identity tags sizes, 30mm for dogs and 25mm for small dogs, puppies and cats. Identification codes are added or deleted to the pet dossier after signing in to your account using Pet-ID or Scanoosh apps.

How is my pet dossier accessible by veterinarians or care givers?

Veterinarians and care givers using the Pet Medic mobile app can access your pet dossier after granting them access. This is done using the "authorize medic device" option in your Pet-ID app settings screen followed by adding the veterinarian or care giver Pet Medic app serial number to your pet dossier. Once authorized and using Pet Medic app, the veterinarian or care giver can scan the identification code of your pet and maintain the pet medical details and consults details.

Who can access my pet dossier?

Veterinarians or the care givers using the Pet Medic app with granted access to the pet dossier, can read-write the pet medical information and consults history.  Other information are viewed as read-only.

Public who scan the identification code on the Pet Identity tag attached to the pet's collar will be able to read the pet's details and the owner's contact details. This will help a safe reunion of the pet with its owner in case the pet is found. The owner will be notified about this scan and its geo-location.

Got a Pet Identity tag for my pet, what's next?

Press here, or scan the qr-code on the package or the tag for a step-by-step instructions set on how to download the Scanoosh app and get started.

Benefits of the Scanoosh app:

  • Free app available for Android and iOS
  • No usage or recurring fees required
  • Secure, simple and easy to use
  • Administer multiple pets dossiers per account
  • Easy to (de-)assign a Pet Identity tag to your pet dossier
  • Enable a rapid and safe reunion in case your pet is lost
  • Geo-location notification once your pet tag is scanned
  • Available in different languages

Never have your pet lost again