Pet-ID Mobile App

Pet-ID Mobile App

Pet Identity is a platform that provides its members the ability to administer their pets information records and medical details in a centralized system. These records can be used by a veterinarian during periodic check or by the pet care giver where needed. The Pet Identity program offers two mobile applications namely Pet-ID and Pet Medic used by pet owners/caregivers and pet’s veterinarians respectively. This page is meant as a guideline/manual during the usage of the Pet-ID mobile app which is available on both App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Sign In / Sign Up

After launching the Pet-ID app on your mobile device, the sign in page is shown. Should you did not sign up for an account at yet, you can sign up by pressing on the sign up button and filling the requested data. Upon signing up, an activation code is sent to your given email. You can either fill the activation code or scan the qr-code received in the email using Pet-ID and your account will be activated. Now you can sign in. Checking the 'Remember me' box, will set the app to store the credentials internally and you will be signed in automatically once the application is started in the future.

Pet Identity is currently offering a one month, without any obligations, trial period upon signing up using Pet-ID mobile app.

Navigation Tabs

Upon successful signing in, Pet-ID presents a number of navigation tabs namely:

  • Overview Tab
  • Identity Tab
  • Contact Tab
  • Medical Tab
  • Consultations Tab
  • Settings Tab

Selecting a tab will show the corresponding page. The default page is the overview page.

Overview Page

The overview page is the default page you see after signing in. This page shows all Identification codes assigned to the current pet profile. An identification code, is a unique code generated by Pet Identity portal and is used to allow authorized devices such as (Pet Medic) to retrieve the corresponding pet profile dossiers. Identification codes are presented in a qr-code format and can be printed using the Pet-ID app or can be purchased from authorized resellers printed on fobs and tags in different shapes.

Next to its value, each Identification code entry offers three button options:

  • Scan Logs: shows a scan log of all devices who scanned this Identification code.
  • Print Code: shows the Identification code in qr-code format
  • Delete Code: deletes the current code and de-assigns it from the pet profile

Subscription and Identification Codes

You can add/extend your Pet Identity program subscription using the "Add Subscription" button as well as purchasing a subscription code for the Pet Identity portal. Purchased subscription codes are issued instantly and send to your provided email.

You can add additional identification codes to your pet profile using the "Add Id Code" button. The identification codes are available though our authorized resellers in different tags formats

Pet Dossier

The pet dossier is made of a number of pages accessible using the navigation tabs, these pages are:

  • Identity Page: for administering the pet identification data including photo.
  • Contact Page: for administering the owner's, care giver, veterinarian and insurance details.
  • Medical Page: for administering the pet vaccinations, medical schedule, treatment and other health related activities.

Granting Access to Pet Medic App

You can grant access to your pet veterinarian Pet Medic app to maintain the pet medical and consult details. This is done using the "Authorize Medic Device" button in the settings page. You can add a new access by filling or scanning the Pet Medic app serial number. The Pet Medic serial number is shown by pressing the "Show App Id" button on the setting page of the veterinarian Pet Medic app.

Veterinarians Pet Medic apps with granted access will allow the veterinarian to edit the medical details and add consult reports into your pet dossier. The consultation reports history is visible through the consultations page.

The Settings Page

The settings page presents the following options:

  • Forget Me: to forget the credentials saved in the app using the "remember  me" option on the sign in page.
  • Change Password: to change the current account password.
  • Switch Profile: to switch between different pet profiles within one account.
  • Delete Account: will delete your account including all pets dossiers from our systems.
  • Authorize Medic Device: allow veterinarian Pet Medic app to access your pet dossier medical data.
  • About: information about the Pet-ID app.
  • Exit: to sign out and exit the Pet-ID app.