Pet Medic Mobile App

Pet Medic Mobile App

Pet Identity is a platform that provides its members the ability to administer their Pets information records and medical details in a centralized system. These records can be used by a veterinarian during periodic check or by the Pet care giver where needed. The Pet Identity program offers two mobile applications namely Pet-ID and Pet Medic used by Pet owners/caregivers and Pet’s veterinarians respectively. This page is meant as a guideline/manual during the usage of the Pet Medic mobile app which is available on both App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Enrollment & Activation

After launching the Pet Medic app on your mobile device, the enrollment page is shown. After filling up the requested details and enrolling it with the Pet Identity Program, an activation code is emailed to your given address. You can either fill the activation code or scan the qr-code received in the email using Pet Medic app. After activation, Your Pet Medic app is ready for use.

Navigation Tabs

Pet Medic presents a number of navigation tabs namely:

  • Overview Tab
  • Identity Tab
  • Contact Tab
  • Medical Tab
  • Consultations Tab
  • Settings Tab

The default page is the overview page.

Overview Page

The overview page is the default page you see after starting the application. It enables you to get Pet dossiers by filling in or scanning the Pet profile associated Identification code. An identification code, is a unique code generated by Pet Identity portal and is assigned to a Pet profile using the Pet-ID app.

Pet Dossier

The Pet dossier is made of a number of pages accessible using the navigation tabs, the contents of these pages are presented after retrieving the Pet dossier using the associated Identification code. These pages are:

  • Identity Page: for viewing the Pet identification data including photos.
  • Contact Page: for viewing the owner's, care giver, veterinarian and insurance details.
  • Medical Page: for administering the Pet vaccinations, medical schedule, allergies, diet supplements and other health related activities.

Granting Access to Pet Medic App

Access to your Pet Medic app is granted by the owner of the Pet-ID. This enables you to view the contents of the Pet dossier scanned and to update the Pet medical dossier. This is done using the "Authorize Medic Device" button in the setting page at the Pet-ID app and by adding your Pet Medic serial number to the access list of Pet-ID. Your Pet Medic serial number is shown by pressing the "Show App Id" button on the setting page.

Pet Medic apps, with granted access, will allow the Pet-ID app owner to view the consultation history filled by in the consultation page.