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Never have your pet lost again

SCANOOSH! Never have your pet lost again

As a part of the Pet Identity platform, Scanoosh has been developed to ease the registration of your pet identity together with your contact details in the Pet Identity platform.

A Pet Identity tag with a unique identification code (printed in a qr-code format) is assigned to the entered information. This tag can be attached to the pet's collar.

In case your pet is lost and once the person, who finds it, scans this identification code using his/her mobile phone or tablet, the pet's identity together with your contact details are presented on his/her mobile screen. You will be notified about this scan and its location.

The instructions guide below assists you on how to download the Scanoosh app and create an account for registering your pet identity. It shows how to assign the identification code to your pet dossier to secure a rapid and safe reunion in case your pet is lost.

Step 1: Installing Scanoosh mobile app

Install Scanoosh app on your mobile device. It is available for phones and tablets on both App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. (URL-links are provided at the end of this page).

Step 2: Signing up for a new account

Launch Scanoosh app and select the "Sign up" option to create your new account. Fill in the requested details.

Once signed up, you will receive the app activation code at your given email address. 

Step 3: Activating your account

Check your email and press on the "Activate my account" link or the "Activate Now" button.

Now your Scanoosh app is activated and is ready to be used. 

Step 4: Assigning your pet identification code

Log in to your account using the email and password entered during signing up. The overview screen is presented; press on the "Add Pet" icon button below.

Scan the qr-code located on the Pet Identity tag using the qr-code scanner icon to assign the tag to your pet dossier and fill in your pet information.

Step 5: Filling in your pet information

Fill in your pet information, owner's contact details and press on the "Save" icon at the end of the screen.

An overview of the registered pets appears in the "My Pets" screen. Next each registered pet, three icons are shown:

  • Scan History: shows the date, time and location where your pet tag is scanned.
  • Edit Information: edits the pet's information and contact details entered.
  • Delete icon: deletes the pet dossier and de-assign the pet tag.

Rapid and Safe Reunion

Rapid and Safe Reunion

In case your pet is lost, the person who finds it, can scan the pet's identification tag located on its collar using any qr-code scanner mobile app or by using the mobile's cam. This presents your pet identity including your entered contact details (phone and email) on the his/her mobile screen. You will be notified about this scan and its location.


Once the Pet Identity tag is scanned, you will be notified and can see the location of the scan by opening the scan history and pressing on the location icon.

Download the Scanoosh app now.

Never have your pet lost again